Deidra White statement regarding decision to not seek reelection Valdosta City Council District 2




It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the District 2 Representative on the Valdosta City Council during the last four years.  

I’ve served alongside men of principle, commitment and vision; men who are dedicated to providing jobs, efficient government, progress, and quality of life for the citizens of Valdosta. A very heartfelt thank you to my fellow Councilmen. I’ll miss you terribly.

Council couldn’t function without the steady and competent guidance of Staff, and we are truly blessed to have men and women who are outstanding examples in their field, and I thank each of you as well for all you do.  

Many people do not realize how much time it takes to be an effective City Council member; the Council meetings and work sessions, the meetings with businesses and citizens, the out of town meetings and conferences, the meetings with military officials and Washington officials regarding the future of Moody, the briefing materials which must be read and digested to make one well informed on budget issues, zoning issues, taxation, utilities, and environmental issues. It is definitely a full-time job if done correctly. 

I have enjoyed my tenure on the Council, would not trade the experience for anything, and I

feel that I leave the City, because of the teamwork and efforts of the elected officials and staff, in better condition than it was four years ago, however, I have two other full-time jobs which I must now make my priority: my two downtown restaurants and the most important and valued job I’ll ever have, being a Mom to my two children. 

Thank you District 2 for allowing me to serve you. For those of you who feel it wasn’t enough, I want you to know I tried my best. For those of you who hate to see me go because you value my service, I appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart.  



Deidra A. White

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