The Scott James Show
Weekdays from 6:00am til 9:00am
and the Scott James “Rewind”
weekdays 3-4pm

If it’s happening in Valdosta and South Georgia, Scott James is on top of it!

The Scott James Show is the only way to know what’s REALLY going on in our area! Start your day ahead of the curve. Be the first to know who’s making today’s news. Get the scoop. Get the details. Listen and learn. Scott is uniquely qualified to get you thru your morning. He has 22 years as a broadcaster, 6 years as a city councilmen, and has volunteered and/or served on various community boards. Scott has been waist deep and active in almost all community events for over 20 years. Call or email. Become a part of the TALK online community. Get local news updates with Jack Ring and sports updates with Scott’s co-host, Dustin Swedelson. Set your alarm clock, set your homepage and get set for those famous words, “It’s the Scott James Show!”

Click here to listen to David Dean’s July 16th interview.

Click here to listen to Robby Brown’s July 17th interview.

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