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Cartoonist Gary Varvel: ISIS, cancer treatment and remission

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Double meth busts net 6 arrests on same property- from WALB

meth-bust COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) -A meth bust by the Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of six people at a home near Moultrie.

Brent Miller, Brittany Faircloth, Joshua Pollock, Kristin Tolan, Parker Giles, and Regina Dallas were arrested.

Investigators said they received a call from Gary Giles about suspicious activity at a home on his property on Doerun Norman Park Road.

Deputies arrested four of the six at the scene on August 21st after discovering that they were manufacturing meth.

Miller, Tolan, Giles, and Dallas were arrested at the scene. Deputies arrested Pollock and Faircloth the next day.

All six were booked into the Colquitt County jail.

Officials encourage anyone who sees suspicious activity to call 911.

“We encourage the public to notify us when they see activity that may be suspicious in nature. This is an example where that call will lead to us being able to bring these type charges on an an individual,” said Colquitt County Lt. Shawn Bostick.

 In addition to meth charges, Brittany Faircloth and Joshua Pollock are charged with Burglary.

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click here for more from WALB.COM

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SGMP property seized, co-owner charged with tax evasion


CECIL — A co-owner of the South Georgia Motorsports Park has been arrested on tax evasion charges, and operation of the venue has been transferred to another party.

On Sunday, the Georgia Department of Revenue executed search warrants at SGMP and seized the property on U.S. Highway 41 in Cecil, just south of Adel, according to Nick Genesi, Georgia Department of Revenue director of communications.

Kim Wood, who co-owns SGMP with her husband, Rowland Wood, was arrested Monday and charged with two felonies: theft by taking sales tax and theft by withholding, according to Genesi.

“This is the result of a Georgia Department of Revenue investigation that has been going on for approximately two years,” said Genesi.

“Right now, she owes $90,000 to the Department of Revenue. We tried working with Ms. Wood to bring her to compliance. However, Ms. Wood was uncooperative and, ultimately, we revoked her sales license in August.”

Wood allegedly continued to operate SGMP without a sales tax license, according to Genesi, which led the GDOR to seize the property Sunday after an event concluded.

“She is the only one facing charges at this time. Her husband owns the other half, but she was the day-to-day operator,” said Genesi. “However, additional charges may be filed as we further our investigation.”

Future events at the race track, including this weekend’s Five Grand Nationals, will continue as scheduled.

Operation of the park has been transferred to attorney Chris Cohilas out of Albany, according to Genesi.

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Moody AFB part of Afghan endgame- FROM Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Moody Air Force Base will play a key role in the phase out of U.S. troops from Afghanis-tan.

The base was selected to house allied Afghan pilots as they participate in training to replace departing U.S. pilots in the very near future.

“It’s a great honor for Moody Air Force Base,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Hogan. “Moody was selected because it was the best location for this training mission. The combination of the airspace, the range and the existing facilities made it the ideal choice.”

Hogan expressed a sense of pride in the mission being held at Moody.

“It makes me feel proud,” Hogan said. “This is an extremely interesting mission. This is something that we have never really done in this way in the United States Air Force, so we’re blazing new ground here and, again, Moody is a great location for us to execute this training.”

Flights will increase by a small amount when the Afghan pilots arrive.

“It will be a small increase in the flight operations,” Hogan said. “Our operation is relatively small compared to the existing operations for the A-10s, AJ-60s, and the AC-130s that are already on base.”

Hogan predicted that a dozen more flights would be conducted per day.

The training operations will take place stateside for safety and security reasons.

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